How to Maximize Fees in Your Law Firm

During the past ten years, one topic has presented itself recurrently in consulting with lawyers: Fee Maximization.

Your ability to increase your fee, while performing the same amount of work, is the equivalent of giving yourself a raise.

Let’s say you make $100,000 per year.  A 25% increase in your billing would put an additional $25,000 in your pocket. With that money, you could:

  • Take a family vacation
  • Buy your kid the “thing” he/she has been hounding you to get
  • Take your spouse on a surprise weekend getaway
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • Make the down payment on a new car
  • All of the above…

Without adding additional clients.

The point:  Discovering new techniques and strategies for presenting fees adds value to your law firm and to your life.

Never Before and Not Again this Year

My private clients have repeatedly told me fee structuring is the most valuable thing I teach them.  Since it is so valuable, I typically discuss it only with people who engage me for one-on-one consultation.

But I’ve decided to make an exception and hold this one workshop in Miami in 2017.

I’ve never done this before and I will not do it again this year.

Here is the information

May 19, 2017

9 AM – 4 PM

1200 Brickell Avenue

Suite 1800

Miami, FL  33131

At this workshop, you will discover:

How to Make More Money

You must create an environment of value to command the fee you deserve.  This means you must be comfortable and everyone with whom you interact must recognize the value you provide.

Clients pay for what they value. To increase your fees, you need to increase your clients’ perception of value.

This sounds ridiculously simple but it needs to be said:

When you increase your fee, you make more money.  In this session, we will extensively cover “the language of value.” The words you are using today – both in conversation and in print – are sabotaging your ability to increase your income.

Your clients must feel good about INVESTING in the service you provide but, more importantly, they must feel good about INVESTING in YOU.  Language and presentation are the key to creating this environment.

How to Decrease Labor Intensity

Your fee should be based upon your ability to improve the clients condition.

There are many factors that contribute to this dynamic.  They include: Proficiency, talent, skill, knowledge, the experience you create in your representation of the client

None of those factors is TIME.

This workshop will force you to think differently about how you structure and present the value you provide.

Succinctly: You will work less and make more money.

How to Get Paid on Time

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. In a law firm, poor cash flow is a bullet exiting the chamber of a gun and entering your heart.

When you present your value in a compelling way, people find the money to pay you.

When you are perceived as an expert in your area of practice, you generate client demand and you can be selective in whom you allow to become your client.

This means you no longer take clients who simply draw breath and have to pay you $100 per month for the rest of their lives.

This workshop will provide you with tools to qualify new clients to ensure they can afford you, scripts to ask for full payment up front, and retorts for any gentle resistance a client may raise when discussing payment.

How to Give Yourself a Confidence Makeover

The key to making more money lies between your ears.

To charge more money you need to be able to ask for higher fees. Doing this requires confidence.

At this workshop, you’ll hear stories from your peers, colleagues who felt the way you feel now. Lawyers who pushed through self-doubt (related to fees) and asked for more money.

If they did it, you can too.

How to Ask for Money

Growing up, you were taught to never, ever, discuss money.  This ingrained guilt sabotages your ability to charge what we are worth.

In just a few minutes, in this workshop, you will be relieved of the burden of that guilt – FOREVER.

You will take home a script you can comfortably use to discuss money and ask for a fee you deserve.

Templates for Engagement Agreement Language

You will leave the workshop with templates for value-based language for your engagement agreement.  This will transform that document from a sharp stab in the eye of the client, to a guide for the value they are receiving in their work with you and a roadmap for compliance.

This information alone will help you boost your revenue and bring you and your client into alignment and working toward the desired outcome.

Follow-up and Accountability Plan

You will leave the workshop with actionable next steps.  This ensures you generate more money for yourself as a result of your attendance.

Thirty days after you attend, we will follow-up and make sure you are on track.  If you’re not, I will give you a nudge. If you are, we will celebrate.

This session is designed to create lasting change.

Register Now

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