How to Make More Money and Get More Sleep

Lack of sales keeping you awake?

Many sales professionals are having a hard time sleeping these days. They are worried about money. The bills are coming in quickly and the clients have disappeared.

This keeps them awake at night.

You are good at your craft. But no matter how many times you add the numbers up, there is still not enough.

As the clock turns from 2:59 am to 3:00 am your mind begins to contemplate the “what if’s”…

What if this client stops buying from me?

What if that client decides not to pay?

What if I never get another new client?

The stillness of the night lends itself to the wild wandering of the imagination. You are instantly transported from the comfort of your bed to an island where you alone have this problem. And you feel like the main character on a television drama with 50 million viewers are watching as everything you have worked so hard to build is slowly slipping away.

This haze of uncertainty becomes a full-blown panic just as the sun rises. You have not slept much and now your mind is full of thoughts that drag you down emotionally.

After a few days or weeks or months of this, people around you begin to notice. New clients stop signing up because you are in this state. They sense your desperation. They sense your neediness. This forces the cycle to perpetuate.

The purpose of this article is to help snap you out of this “cycle of doom”.

Below are three things you can do today, actually three things you can do RIGHT NOW to help you get back on track. Focus on these things and you’ll notice an improvement in your emotional outlook almost immediately. Once your emotional outlook (your attitude) improves, the clients will follow.

1). Realize You Are Not Alone

Millions of people are feeling the same way. When it comes to money, people are reluctant to discuss their status. I can almost guarantee that dozens of your neighbors are up late at night with the same concerns you have.

The action item here is to find a group of likeminded people who will not judge you but help support you as you work through this situation. Just knowing that you are not alone will go a long way toward making you feel better.

2). Focus On Things That Are Working

Money is an important aspect in life but it is not everything. Before you go to bed each night think about, in fact obsess over, the things in your life that are good. Think about your family. Think about your friends. Think about the people who love you unconditionally.

Instead of worrying about the bad things that MIGHT happen, focus on the things that HAVE happened in the past that are GOOD. It helps some people to make a list of all the good things they have in their lives and review that list whenever a negative thought creeps in.

3). Take Positive Action

Send an email to a perspective client. Send a dozen letters to people who were your clients in the past thanking them for their business. Offer to give a talk, for free, to a group of people at your school or in your community.

The key is to develop positive momentum. You control your future. You control what happens and how you react to things that happen.

Exercise your power over events. Take control and you’ll shape your destiny.

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