Make Business Personal

You’ve heard me say it before.  People buy from those they know, like, and trust. That’s the reason you need to let people into your world and share your personality and your opinion with them.

In an earlier article, I discussed the 2016 election results and I shared my thoughts with people.  The title of this article was Vote for Yourself.  I sent it to my clients in an email. I received a strong reaction and it started a dialogue.

A few days later I wrote another article about the impact that article had on my business and the relationships that developed because of the dialogue.  The title of that article was Who Wants Your Opinion?.

This is anecdotal evidence of relationship development as a result of being open, honest and sharing your opinion with your audience of prospective clients.

If you let people into your world, they will respond. Your clients want to get to know you. They want to feel close to you. They have a sense of pride in being involved with someone successful they respect.

Let them in.  Share your thoughts. Allow them to see how you live, work and play.

Your business will benefit.

Here’s are a few ways to allow people into your world to connect with you:

Articles and Video on Your Website

Your website is a central hub for your body of work. Make sure you allow your personality to come through when you post anything on it.


Show people photos and video from your business and your life. They want to see you in action – working, playing and enjoying yourself.  They also want educational information.  Use this platform for these things.


You should have both a business page and a personal page on Facebook. On your personal page, you can post similar things to those you post on Instagram.  The higher your profile becomes the more “strangers’ you’ll find friending you on Facebook.  You can choose to let them in or keep them out.

Your business page can be used for educational information and promotional information.  As Facebook search becomes more pervasive you want this content to be discoverable.  On this platform, your personal page is for personal stuff and business is for promotion and education.


This is the second most powerful search engine on Earth. Post videos as often as possible.

The bottom line:  Let people into your life and they will want to do business with you. Share yourself and what’s happening in your world and you’ll attract clients like a magnet.