Magic Words That Lead to Sales

Looking for the magic words that lead to sales? This is the article for you.  Be sure to follow the link to the video on YouTube. It’s only one minute long and it is episode 5 of my daily show designed to help you make more money and get home on time for dinner every night.
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Magic Words That Lead to Sales
People in sales tell lots of stories. I’m not talking about the productive stories that help clients connect with you on an emotional level. I’m talking about the water cooler war stories that make someone a legend in the office.
You may wonder why other sales professionals listen when their coworker appears to be bragging. After all, salespeople are intensely competitive and the success of a peer makes their hair stand on end, right?
The reason they listen is because they want “The Magic Words.” They want to know what was said that closed the deal.
Throughout my entire career, whenever I landed a big account, someone asked me what I said that closed the deal. Or they asked me for the proposal that “got the job done.” Or they asked to see the contract that “made it happen.”
That’s not how it works.
Relationships take weeks, months, and even years to develop. If you want to make The 60 Second Sale you have to have a high level of trust and a deep relationship based upon mutual value.
In today’s episode of The Dave Lorenzo Daily I share the closest thing to “Magic Words” in sales. This one question will help lead you to a longer conversation that will eventually lead to a trust-based relationship, which will eventually lead to sales.
When you have a portfolio of deep relationships you can pick up the phone, call someone and close deals. you don’t need magic words. 
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