Leverage Strengths: Claim Your Territory

The key to success in sales and in business is to leverage your strengths. Focus on maximizing the things at which you excel and ask for help in all other areas.

In my backyard, just beyond the fence that separates our pool from the wildlife, is the Florida Everglades.

It begins with a little lake surrounded by the homes in my neighborhood.

In that lake live all kinds of critters.

For the most part, they get along pretty well.   The turtles stick to the water. The ducks land on the bank and snap up anything people toss their way, and the hawks circle around until they see something crawling, then they swoop down and carry it off.

Each of the dozens of animals that live here has a territory.

When one of the ducks had babies, several of the other inhabitants of the lake tried to take advantage of the vulnerability of the chicks. When the mother found food for her brood, she’d drop it at their feet. The turtles and several different types of birds tried to take the food away.

When this happened, the mother duck would stand straight up, cock her neck back, spread her wings wide, and make an intimidating noise.

That was impressive enough to scare everything away. The mother duck was in her territory, protecting it.  In that environment, with that motivation, she was invincible.

Each of us has our own territory. We all have a place where we are invincible.

The best thing we can do, for ourselves and for our businesses, is to claim our territory and work on building and expanding it.

I work with lots of attorneys and business leaders who are excellent public speakers. The best thing they can do is focus on getting as many speaking engagements in front of as many audiences of clients and referral sources as possible.

There are other business owners who are brilliant at creative content and graphic design. They can develop outstanding advertisements that instantly connect with viewers.

And there are still other business leaders and attorneys who are master wordsmiths. They write and people act.

Each of these folks has a territory. They should focus on claiming it, expanding it, and delegating everything else to others whenever possible.

This is another way of saying leverage your strengths and manage everything else.

Focus on building your strengths and the sky is the limit.

Spend your time doing that.  Claim your territory.  Become invincible within it.

That’s one of the biggest keys to success in business and in life.

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