Learn to Sell And Your Lifestyle Is In Your Hands

If you learn to sell, your lifestyle is in your hands.

I work with people in many different industries but the majority of my clients are successful. They make enough to afford my fee and they are rewarded with a significant return on investment. While I expedite their success, and I often take them into areas they would not otherwise explore, they each apply a significant work ethic and a dedication to achieving goals they’ve set for themselves.

There are no coincidences. Luck is a contributing factor but it is not the main reason for success in business.

A quick trip through social media, YouTube, and success publications reveals everything I’ve written above as dogma. Even the latest success guru to explode onto the business scene, Gary Vaynerchuk, talks about working 24/7 and embracing “The Hustle.”  Gary’s audience is millennials and, his use of work ethic as a club to bludgeon them is not only smart, but necessary.

Those of us who are not millennials also need an awakening. Work has changed. You need to invest your time in front of a computer developing great content for people in your natural network. Then you need to distribute that content in written format – like this –  and via regular mail and via video on a YouTube channel and via audio podcasts.

Each one of us is our own media company. If we broadcast the content our audience demands, and if we interact with them, they reward us by working with us.

This is where “The Hustle” comes in.

Instead of knocking on doors, making cold calls, and acting like a buffoon in some type of boiler room, do the work I outlined above.

You don’t know how to make a video?  Take out your phone. Push record. Start talking.

Don’t know how to write and send a weekly article? Write an email on a topic in the news, in your area of expertise. Put some people in the bcc line. Hit send.

That is overly simplistic but it is a place to start.

I’ve written three books on the subject of controlling your future through developing sales and marketing systems that are easy to execute. My latest, The 60 Second Sale is a roadmap for developing relationships, delivering value, and making money.  You can buy the book and follow the instructions or you can work with me to create a customized solution.

Here’s the truth you’ve been ignoring: With all the resources available to you, your life is exactly what you’ve chosen. It is what you want it to be.