Learn Every Day: Ten Days of Success

There are many ways to learn and grow each day and there are many benefits to learning. Today we discuss some of the ways to increase your knowledge and we also discuss the benefits of learning each day. This is Season 2 Show 30 Episode 152.

Here is what we cover:

There are many places we can learn new things each day. Here are a couple:

We can discover new things at work or related to business.  Places to look include:

The economy. Your industry. Your business. Your job.

You can discover new things at home. Each day you should look to find out something new about:

Your Country. Your State. Your County, Your City. Your neighborhood.

Hobbies. Family. Friends. Sports.

Now if you need reasons to strive to learn something new every day, here are six:

  1. Learning gets you high. It’s a scientific fact that web your curiosity is aroused, dopamine is released and that gives you a feeling of wellbeing.
  2. Learning helps you start conversations. The more you know, the more you can discuss with others. This is good for business it can help you start conversations and deepen relationships.
  3. Learning helps you make more money. As you discover new things you begin implementing them in your business. This leads to additional revenue.
  4. Learning sets a good example for others. If you want your employees to grow, you need to lead the way.
  5. Learning helps you make friends. The people who teach you things can also become friends. The people with whom you learn, will also become friends. Seminars, classes and business learning sessions are terrific growth opportunities.
  6. Learning helps you build self-esteem. The more you know, the better you feel. Knowledge is power and power makes us feel good about ourselves.

Here’s the bottomline: Each day provides you with almost limitless opportunities to learn and grow. If you let one day pass you by without learning something new, you are missing out on tremendous value.