Lacy Boggs: The Content Creation Guru | Do This Sell More Show 13

The Do This Sell More Show began as a weekly interview between Dave Lorenzo and a special guest. In this show Dave’s guest is Lacy Boggs, Content Creation Guru.

In this episode, Dave and Lacy discuss:

  • Lacy’s journey to becoming the content creation guru she is today.
  • Getting written content into the hands of the right people.
  • How to create great blog content, white papers and free reports as marketing tools.
  • The way to write for marketing (it’s different than academic writing or writing for the court).
  • How, when, and where to repurpose content.
  • Putting your personality into your writing.

Key Takeaways and actionable tips:

  • Without great content, nobody is going to stay and read it.
  • Think about the goals of the content you are creating.
  • We read differently in different formats. We are more likely to commit to reading something on paper.
  • Quality and consistency over quantity.

“If you’re going to syndicate to other sites, put it on your site as well, because that’s your land. That’s your platform that will always be there.” – Lacy Boggs

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Dave Lorenzo Interviews Lacy Boggs, Content Creation Guru on The Do This Sell More Show

About Lacy Boggs

Entrepreneurs are content machines, churning out blog posts, webinars, live video, ebooks, white papers, podcasts and more — but almost as quickly as it’s published, that content is forgotten.

That’s because, often, there’s no strategy tying everything together to ensure that every piece of content leads down the path to a sale, and there’s no plan to make the most of the content once it’s produced.

But what if you could maximize all that content you’ve produced and use it to its full potential?
What if you could increase your leads by as much as 300%?
What if you could feel confident that every piece of content you produce is building your business?

Lacy and her team help you create bespoke content marketing strategy for online entrepreneurs and then provide services to help you execute on that strategy.

Connect with Lacy Boggs

Twitter: @Blogspiration42

Facebook: Lacy Boggs & The Content Direction Agency


Instagram: @lacylu42

YouTube: Lacy Boggs

About Dave Lorenzo

David Lorenzo is a sales expert, business strategy consultant, and author who has built five successful businesses during the past 25 years. Some of his most impressive ventures include taking a corporate housing company from start-up to over $50 million in annual revenue and leading a professional services firm from start-up to over $250 million in revenue.

Dave does three things: He works with business leaders to develop sales strategy and drive revenue growth. He develops and delivers speeches and training programs that increase sales. He coaches entrepreneurs, sales executives, and professionals on relationship-based sales strategy.

Dave received his MBA from Pace University. He also holds a Masters’ of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University in New York City.

Connect with Dave Lorenzo


Twitter: @TheDaveLorenzo

Instagram: @TheDaveLorenzo




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