Keep Going

Success in sales is summed up in two words: Keep going.

No matter what happens keep going.

The most important quality in business is persistence.

Back when I worked with a large consulting firm I consulted with FORTUNE 500 companies.   Each year I would hang a list on my office wall of “future clients”.  The list contained some prestigious names.    And next to the name of the business would be a list of potential contacts with whom I wanted to work.

Each month I would send something to these folks.   Most often it was a letter with something included to make the package unusually shaped.

For example:

One month we sent a CD with an audio interview of me with a radio host discussing a topic relevant to their business.  Another month it was a signed copy of a book.  A third month it was a small whiteboard with a formula written on it.

Then, about two weeks after the package went out, I’d follow up with a telephone call.

Every month.

Then I would send them a weekly educational email.

Every month.

I’d also find out what organizations my future clients belonged to and I would go to those organizations’ events.

Every month.

I’d host seminars in my office on our company’s latest research and I’d invite my future clients to these events.

Every month.

I would scour the trade magazines and newspapers for articles and mentions of these folks.  I’d clip the articles and send them a handwritten congratulatory note when they appeared in the press.

Every month.

There were no more than 50 companies on my list of future clients every year.  And each year I would initiate new work with at least 12 of them.

When I left the large consulting firm, in my portfolio of clients I had 18 Chief Executive Officers, 32 Chief Marketing Officers and dozens and dozens of other “C” level executives.

All of these relationships started with this same persistent method.

Now you may have tried some of this before.  Maybe it didn’t work.

Know why?

You gave up too soon.

Developing good strategy is only half of the success equation.  The second half is persistence.   Once you have sound business strategy you must execute, consistently and persistently over time.

I decide who I want my clients to be (and who I want to refer me business) and then I send them valuable information – forever.

Think about the things you have tried that didn’t work.  Did you give them a fair shot? For a few years?

If a strategy has worked for someone else, it can work for you.  It just requires sound execution and time. Keep going.

If you want to learn more about the strategies that can make your future clients, current clients, listen to my weekly podcast on sales strategy.

Keep going. It costs nothing and it contains some of the best sales and business strategy information around.

Listen and then take action.  And don’t give up.