Introduction to Free Sales Course

This is the introduction to the free sales course.

Introduction to 60 Second Sales Course

Think of a time when you romanced a client for months and months on end, maybe even a year or longer. Think of all the effort you put into that, and then the payoff at the end wasn’t what you expected. Our goal during our time together is to help you eliminate all of that romance time and get right to what you’re looking for, right to the core of the close.

Our process will help you close your deal to develop a new relationship in 60 seconds or less every single time, and you’ll triple your revenue while you’re working through the process.

Not only are you learning and growing, but you’re also making more money while you do it. If this sounds exciting to you, just wait until we get into the meat of our content.

In our first segment, we’re going to focus on the four types of people you’ve come across during your business life and we’re going to help you make more money by leveraging those relationships.

In the second segment, I’m going to show you how you can leverage your 100 most powerful client relationships and then replicate them so that these relationships will be the staple of your book of business now and forever moving forward.

In our third segment, we’re going to focus on how you can have the most productive and most powerful meetings possible so you can close deals in 60 seconds.

There are over 15 great segments to this fantastic professional development program and I’m glad you are joining