Most Important Quality For Sales Professional

People ask me all the time: “What is the most important quality for sales professional?”

If you’ve ever sold anything or attempted to sell anything, you know about rejection.

If you have ever played a competitive sport or even a board game in your home, you know about bouncing back from a loss.

If you have any employees, friends or family members, you know about disappointment.

All of those things mean you need to be able to bounce back. You have to be resilient.

This is one of the most important qualities a business leader, entrepreneur or sales professional can possess.

Here are the four ways you can become more resilient:

Make Something Happen

Activity can make up for a lot of ills. Do not wait for things to happen to get you out of your funk. Make your own luck and do it now.

Look For A Positive Angle To A Negative Situation

We can always learn from experience. Even in the worst of times you can find something you did well and garner some strength from it. Make sure you do that when you feel down.

Review Your Successes

Make sure you take some time and review the good things you’ve done during the past few weeks, months and years. Remember: You are never as bad as your worst moment. That negative experience is now just a memory strand. Let it go and think about what you’ve done well in the past.

Laugh It Off

Smile, laugh and enjoy yourself. The quicker you try to move on the better. Do something right away to change your mental state. Read a joke book. Attend a comedy show. Get yourself laughing as soon as possible. Laughter is the best medicine. Especially in this case.

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