How To Become An Expert

Salespeople are ignored, avoided and delegated to committees.  Experts are engaged, retained, and well-compensated. Your challenge is to NOT be viewed as a salesperson and focus on how to become an expert in your field.

You think you’re a salesperson, or a lawyer, or a restaurant owner, or an entrepreneur.  But you’re not.  You’re actually an expert on solving a certain type of problem.

If you sell flooring, you’re an expert in reducing workplace fatigue or in asthma and allergy reducing floor covering.

If you own a restaurant, you’re an expert in providing exceptional special occasion celebrations.

If you’re a trust and estates lawyer, you’re an expert in asset protection and post-life distribution.

This is not only a matter of semantics, it is an actual fact. You know more about your business than anyone who will come to you seeking your services. You must leverage this knowledge as a way to attract exactly the right client.

Here’s how you can become an expert in the eyes of your clients:

Deliver Informative Presentations

There is no better way to differentiate yourself as an expert than to be in front of a group of people showcasing your talent, knowledge, and experience.  When you deliver a presentation your credibility skyrockets. You educate, inform, and entertain. Through the promotion of your speaking engagement, delivery of the content, and the call to action at the conclusion, you command attention and demonstrate authority.  After seeing you speak, people will follow your recommendation to purchase a product or service.

Publish As Frequently as Possible

The internet is a fantastic research tool. People do the “Google Dance” before they buy anything or invest in an experience. The more information you publish, the more likely you are to be found. In addition, you can cite your own published work to reenforce the benefits of your product or service. Publishing gives people the information they need to vet you and feel good about hiring you.

Produce Lots of “How-To” Videos

There are videos online for everything from baking a cake to installing a new transmission in a car.  People watch on YouTube as a surgeon performs a complicated surgical procedure and helps set expectations for recovery time.

A future client will benefit from watching “how-to” videos about things in your industry.  Answer your prospects’ questions on YouTube and publish those videos on your website. Make the videos available to everyone. When people view and share your videos, it takes your expertise and spreads it like a virus.

Collect and Distribute Testimonials

The best advertising is word of mouth advertising.  A past client telling others how great you are is a fantastic way to enhance your expertise.  Ask all your clients to record a one-minute video testimonial on their phones and post it online.  If your client is shy, ask him to post a written review on Yelp or send it to your on their business letterhead.

Place those testimonials in a prominent location for everyone to see.

Ask for Referrals and Introductions

Scroll through your contacts in your phone. As you do, think about the people those people know.  Select one person and call her.  Ask her to introduce you to someone who needs the value you provide.  Do this each day with a client and with someone who is an evangelist – somebody who knows lots of people and can refer you.  Referrals automatically convey expertise.

Here’s the bottom line: Selling is not forcing yourself on people. Selling is solving problems in return for financial compensation.  Experts are sough out to solve problems. Become an expert and people will beat a path to your door.

Stop thinking of yourself as a practitioner and start leveraging your expertise.

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