How Smart Lawyers Grow in a Bad Economy

The growth of your income is based upon the strength of your network. The people you associate with most often define you. When it comes to referrals, the people you associate with will make or break you.

If you have not received a referral in the past 90 days, you need to upgrade the people in your circle of influence. Here are some ideas.

Five ways to add high-quality people to your network:

One: Hang Around with High-quality People

You’ve been hanging around with the wrong folks for a long time. That’s why you haven’t received the referrals you deserve. Once you change your crowd, you’ll improve your business development opportunities. 

Two: Share your Expertise

When you teach, you impress people. Show them what you know. Offer to help others. Serve as a sounding board for professionals in your community. Reach out and get involved in your local university or trade school. Doing good in the community is spiritually satisfying – being seen doing good is financially rewarding. 

Three: Pass Referrals to Other Great Professionals

You must give to receive. Start helping other professionals succeed by referring business to them. This will trigger the psychological principle of reciprocity. People will want to help you. 

Four: Do Great Work and Show It Off

You don’t promote yourself enough. Ask clients and business associates for testimonials and letters of recommendation. Share those with everyone. Nobody will know how good you are if you don’t tell them. 

Five: Join a Community that Fosters All Four of These Attributes

This is the most natural solution of all to implement. When you join a community that focuses on business development and referrals, you are opening up an entire world of opportunity. 

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