The High-Net-Worth

Masters Program

Attention Professional Service Providers:

Would you like to effortlessly attract high-net-worth clients, family offices, and affluent individuals into your professional practice?

Could you benefit from building a loyal base of clients, referral partners, and evangelists who regularly send you ideal prospective clients?

Are you ready to finally command the fees you deserve?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, this is the most important website you’ll visit this year.

My name is Dave Lorenzo

I help Business Leaders make a great living and live a great life.

If you find yourself:

  • Working with THE WRONG CLIENTS
  • Dealing with A SUCCESS you can’t stand
  • Struggling to break through to target FAMILY OFFICES and AFFLUENT individuals
  • Becoming jealous of people who AREN’T AS GOOD as you but seem to be effortlessly attracting your ideal clients, or
  • Getting frustrated by the lack of progress working with marketing tactics recommended by the so-called GURUS
  • Or even if everything is going great and you want to focus on continuous improvement in attracting wealthy clients

You’ve come to the right place!

Since credibility is important, allow me to share my story:

During the past 32 years, I’ve helped professionals and executives make a great living and live a great life. I work with them to attract HIGH-NET-WORTH clients and build a professional practice that enables them to do their best work, have fun, and spend their time exactly as they desire.

  • In 1999, I started a company that furnished apartments in New York City, and rented them to celebrities and affluent individuals. My team and I grew it from a start-up to $50 million in annual revenue in 3 years. This company became part of Marriott International.
  • In 2003, I joined the Gallup Organization to lead their Manhattan (NY) division. Within 18 months, I developed a book of business that produced over $20 million in annual revenue. My total consulting revenue in six years was more than $250 million. My team delivered billions in new revenue to luxury brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Ritz Carlton, Gucci, Bulgari, Cessna, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, and many more.
  • Since 2008, I’ve been a sole practitioner, running my own consulting company and enjoying a SEVEN-FIGURE lifestyle business.

It was tough to break into the world of High-Net-Worth clients and Family Offices. But because I surrounded myself with a team of people who were MASTERS of the things I lacked, I picked it up quickly and eventually became a MASTER myself.

Over the years, I replicated this process for my Private Clients, enabling them to bring their practice upmarket. Here’s what I realized:






The support, mentoring, and enthusiasm of these amazing people – The Masters –  has helped me build a better business model that allows me to provide more value to my clients while I enjoy the lifestyle I deserve.

I want to share the gift of this Masters Team with you.

If you are selected for this exclusive opportunity,
you will:

  • Join a team of business leaders who will provide you with the Motivation, Action-orientation, and Discipline you need to level up your business and your life
  • Attend four full-day, facilitated, strategic retreats with me, in-person
  • Have check-in meetings with this group on Zoom during the months we don’t meet in-person
  • Take advantage of my bi-monthly office hours, where you can ask me and all questions about your business
  • Discover my proprietary systems to help you build and lead a high-performance team, create and implement systems to effortlessly attract high-net-worth clients

But the benefits don’t stop there. You will receive the following value from your Masters Teammates:

You’ll inspire one another each time you connect. You’re never going to be alone on leadership island again. The members of this group are only a telephone call away if you need support or guidance.

The ideas will flow like water rushing out of a firehose. Imagine working with four other successful business leaders and benefiting from their creativity and all the shortcuts they’ve discovered over the years.

Connections. You will exponentially expand your network with the connections from your High-Net-Worth Masters Group.

Better decisions, faster. You’ll never struggle with weighty or thorny issues. The Masters in your group will help you think them through, and you’ll benefit from their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Your next chapter. Most entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders don’t consider what’s next. Your Masters Group will help bring that discussion into stark relief. They will help you align your short-term decisions with your long-term strategy.


Listen to what others say about the work we will do together:


As you can believe, I am highly selective in whom I accept into this program. Please read and compare the two personalities below and see which one describes you.

Who Should Not Apply:

Do not apply if you want an instant business/life makeover!

If you are looking for the “magic beans” that will allow you to grow a money tree in your backyard, fix your marriage and lose 75 pounds, this is not a good fit for you. You will need to work hard to implement my system.

Do not apply if you think you know everything!

If you think you already know everything about high-net-worth clients, this will not work for you. If you did know everything, you wouldn’t need me, so check your ego at the door and do what I recommend.

Do not apply if you are passive-aggressive and can’t follow directions!

If you have a problem or a comment, I want to hear it. Be an adult and share your feelings with me so we can address them. I don’t tolerate people who “take shots” at me or others or people who deliver snarky responses when we are working together.

Do not apply if you are not comfortable with direct feedback!

You are successful because you have a healthy ego. That’s fine. You need to be ready to drink from the firehose of harsh reality. The more successful you are, the more you’ll realize how much you don’t know. Please come prepared to receive immediate feedback.

Do not apply if you have no time for personal and business growth!

If your priorities are screwed-up and you don’t realize that you must dedicate time and effort to your personal development and the development of your business, I cannot help you. This program must be at the top of your priority list.

Who Should Apply:

Here are profiles of some people who are a good fit for this program.

The Professional Who Wants To Jump Start The High-Net-Worth Client Attraction Process!

If you want to get an additional $300,000 or $3,000,000 in the door this year, this program is for you. If you want to start a brand extension of your business, develop a solid exit strategy, or buy/sell or rehab a business, this program is for you. If you want to develop deep relationships with other ENTREPRENEURIAL professionals, this program is for you.

The Business Executive Who Needs Structure

If you have been successful in grinding it out, but you want to discover a better way, this is your home. You’ve scratched and clawed your way to success, and your peers will learn from you, but you’ll get back 100x what you share in new ideas, accountability, and support.

The Business Leader Who Needs to Add a Recurring Revenue Stream or Predictable Revenue

Every 10 years, an event happens that knocks the most successful entrepreneur off their game: September 11, 2001, The Great Recession, COVID-19, there will be another one.

If you have multiple revenue streams, you are less likely to take a huge hit during these events. You can acquire another business unit that provides this or build it yourself. This program will help with both. 

While we focus a good deal on leadership and the entrepreneurial lifestyle, we are always helping you grow your top and bottom lines along with the personal benefits of being an entrepreneurial leader.

The Entrepreneurial Professional Who Has Competing Priorities and Needs Focus

Let’s face it, entrepreneurs can spend the entire day putting out fires. This program will help you keep your eye on the ball, increase your productivity and develop outstanding leaders around you.

If you’ve read this far and everything makes sense, please click on the button below and make the required investment. When you do, you can schedule an onboarding call directly with me. 

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