How To Get Going On Your Next Big Idea

Remember the last big idea you had? Remember what happened with it? Not great right? Here’s how you take massive action on your next big idea.

All of us struggle with motivation.

Nobody can motivate us to do something. We must motivate ourselves.

There is a way to convince yourself that this is the time to get going on that BIG IDEA.

You know the one I mean.

The thought that keeps popping into your head.

The idea that could change everything for you but you can never seem to get started on.

Here is a video that will help you.

The title of the video is: How To Make An Idea Real

How To Make An Idea Real

How do you make an idea real?

How do you make this great idea that you have in your head a reality?

Maybe this idea is to make a change in your business. Maybe this idea is just something you need to take action on, but we hear from people all the time that they have so many great ideas they just can’t figure out how to take action, or they’re not motivated to take action.

We’ve created this five-step process that we go through with our clients that really encourages them to take action and it motivates them. It brings out some of the benefits from within them. It usually creates a profound emotional response.

Let’s look at these five questions. Let’s ask these five questions of you related to your big idea. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Why is Dave using questions?” The reason we use questions is because the brain answers questions whether we like it or not. Sometimes we don’t want to answer a question out loud, but the brain will always answer a question that you pose to it regardless of whether you say it aloud or not.

Question number one: Why might you take action?

Now again you’re playing a trick on your subconscious. You want to trick your subconscious into motivating you to take action, so you need to ask yourself, “Why might you take action?” Why might you change? Why might you implement this big idea? Why might you take action?

Question number two: How ready are you to make this change?

How ready are you to take action? I want you to answer that to yourself on a scale of one to ten. Now ten is, “I’m ready to do this right now. I can’t wait.” One is, “I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this. I’m never going to be ready to do this. I’m not doing it now.” Answer that question, how ready are you to take action on a scale of one to ten in your mind, and write it down on a piece of paper.

Now no matter what your answer is I want you to follow-up that question, question number two, with a question of why isn’t it a lower number? Even if you’re a three, or a four, or a five, how ready are you to take action. You should ask yourself, well if you answer it as a three, “Why isn’t this lower? Why am I at a three?” There must be a reason why you’ve rated it that high. Answer yourself that question, “Why aren’t I lower on the scale?”

Then question number three: What positive outcomes have you received as a result of making this a reality?

Imagine this becomes reality, imagine that you make this change, imagine that you have completed the activity, and now you’ve got the results. Go there in your mind. This happened, you made it a reality, all the work is over with, what positives have come from making this change, or from taking this action?

Question number four: Why are these positive outcomes important to you?

Imagine that you made the change, or you’ve taken the action. Why are these positive outcomes important to you personally? Now you may have made a change in your business. You have to understand the impact it will have on you personally. I want you to be there in your mind, and I want you to feel that impact. I want you now to write down what that impact is upon you personally.

Finally, I want you to write down what the next step is.

What can you do right now?

What can you do today?

What can you do in this moment to begin making the change?

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