How To Get More Clients Today

Do you want to know how to get more clients today?

Of course you do.

Most of my clients want a sexy new internet trick that will help them get new clients.

The most successful business people I know still use lots of old fashioned strategies to attract clients and deepen relationships.

Here are three things you can do TODAY to attract more clients.

The good news: They require no investment whatsoever.

Talk to your clients.

Most people forget about their clients after they get their money.  What they don’t realize is that the relationship really begins when the check clears.  Your current clients have given you something more valuable than money…they have given you their trust.

The investment of trust can be your ticket greater lifetime relationship value. All that is required is that you nurture that relationship and continue to deliver outstanding value.

Talk to your client. Find out what you can do to make his life a little easier, make his business more successful and make him feel better about himself.

Shut up

When you enter into this conversation with your client, listen.  I mean really listen.

You should spend 70% of your time listening and only 30% of your time talking.

In a business relationship, the client only cares about you to the extent you can help him achieve his goals.  Do not delude yourself into believing he wants to hear about the procedure you just had to remove that anal polyp.

But if he wants to talk about his anal polyp, you better be ready with a referral to the best proctologist in town.

It’s not a pain in the ass.  It’s good business.

Let the client take credit.

Your business is a terrible place to get your ego stroked.

Always allow your client to take credit for any success achieved as a result of your mutual efforts.

I regularly give advice to lawyers, medical professionals and business leaders.  That advice, when well executed, results in significant improvement in income and lifestyle.

But I didn’t build that.  The client did.

My ideas are worthless without the client’s determination and fortitude.

I’m willing to bet it is the same in your business.

If it’s not, PRETEND it is.

Ego maniacs have skinny kids and lonely holidays.

Bask in the love and support of your family and friends and forget about taking credit for the success your clients achieve as a result of your efforts.

These three things are tough to do.  Most people can’t do them because they run counter to our nature.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a great living and live a great life® practice these three principles.  They will help you become magnetic.