Five Reasons Testimonials Boost Sales

You are missing out on one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. That tool: Testimonials. Every sales professional, entrepreneur, and business leader should have a system to collect testimonials and use them in their sales process.  Testimonials boost sales. That’s a fact most people don’t realize.

If you aren’t currently collecting at least one testimonial each week, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Here are five reasons testimonials boost sales:

Reason One: Social Proof

When people see others interacting positively with you, they feel compelled to act in a similar way.  This is a subtle little push in your direction. It gives you a head start toward winning them over. You still must deliver a great experience but it gets things started on the right foot.

Reason Two: Best Sales Copy About You, Your Product, and Your Service

Most of us “pull our punches” when it comes to sales copy. We don’t want to seem too over-the-top. This often leads to watered down sales writing. It shouldn’t. That’s why testimonials matter.

The people who interact with us will often say outstanding promotional things ON OUR BEHALF. This is great and it is the best sales copy ever produced.

Reason Three: Productive Interaction that Deepens the Relationship

When you ask for a testimonial you have a conversation with your client. During that conversation you will receive feedback. This feedback will help you improve the experience your client has while interacting with you.  As long as you take this feedback seriously and act upon it, your relationship with the client will improve. Even if the relationship is strong, it goes to another level when the client participates in this process.

Reason Four: Affirm The Commitment of the Client

When a clients says (or writes) positive things about you and your service, they become an evangelist for you. This process cements their commitment to you. They now will be likely to defend you in times of trouble and advocate for you when it comes to making you a preferred choice within their community.

Step one in asking someone for a referral is to first ask them for a testimonial. If people don’t say great things about you, they won’t refer you.

Reason Five: Helps Your Confidence

Whenever you feel your confidence slipping, just read your written testimonials and watch your testimonial videos. They will give you a boost. All of us are under-recognized. Use your testimonials to help you remember how good you really are.

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