Five Ideas To Help You Sell More

Each Friday I bring you five big sales ideas to help you sell more, make more money, and make your life a little easier.

Here are this week’s Five for Friday:

Item One:  Can Your Grandma Describe What You Do?

Referrals can come from anywhere.  Everybody you know must be able to describe what you do.  Each person in your natural network is a potential salesperson for you and your business.  Train the people who know you, like you and trust you, to refer you.

This video will help you pick up all the FREE MONEY hidden right in your natural network.

Can Your Grandma Describe Want You Do?

Item Two:  Don’t Wear Sweatpants on a Plane

I had some free time this week. I got sick while traveling so I had some downtime to think. There were five things, in particular that were aggravating me.  One of them was the phenomena that has become pervasive among people who seem to have given up on life. That is: Wearing sweatpants on a plane.

A game of five-on-five basketball is never going to breakout in the aisle of your JetBlue flight to Long Beach. Take pride in your personal appearance.  You know who could be seated next to you?  Your next multi-million-dollar client. He doesn’t hand over big contracts to losers who don’t have enough commonsense to put on a pair of pants before leaving the house.

If you want to hear the four other things I was thinking about while convalescing, be sure and checkout this video:

Don’t Wear Sweatpants on a Plane

Item Three: Punch Buddha in the Face

You’ve got bad Karma because you’re negative. At least part of the time. The way you phrase your goals, your requests of your employees and your family members, and your sales pitch, is having an impact on how people react.

If you want to make more things happen in your life, including closing more deals, you need to change the way you speak and, more importantly, change the way you think.

Check out this article and walk the path of enlightenment:

Punch Buddha in the Face

Item Four: Options Equal Opportunity

I’m not talking about the sophisticated financial instruments Wall Street Traders use to hedge their financial position. I’m talking about you helping your client decide to work with you.

You’ve got to stop backing them into a corner. That’s what you’re doing when you offer a “YES” or “NO” as the only option in a sales pitch.

Give your client three ways to say “YES” and they will feel much better about a decision to work with you.  Oh, yeah, they won’t want to say no because they will be in control of the buying experience.

The details are in this video:

You Sell More When Buyers Have Options

Item Five: The 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye

I revealed the cover for my new book. I did it on social media.

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Social media has become the new “Town Square” where people gather to share their thoughts, gossip and strengthen their interpersonal relationships.  As much as you may hate the political fights that develop, these websites are now as necessary as having a conversation with your neighbor over the backyard fence on a Saturday afternoon.

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