The First Sale Is To Yourself

Sitting down with a prospective client is always an interesting and exciting experience for me.

I meet many sales leaders through referrals and I feel obligated (to the party who referred me) to have a conversation with everyone who is sent my way. These are not “highly qualified” prospects. Meaning that they don’t come to me thinking they need help. They are friends of my friends who said “yes” to the idea of meeting with a sales expert (me).

The conversation begins with some general dialogue and rapport building. And then we move into some questions about the future of their business. I ask questions and they give me answers. As we get deeper and deeper into a conversation I can often see the possibilities for them. I can see a success path—large as life— during our conversation.

That’s when the sales process starts.

I do not try to sell my services.

At least not at this point.

I have something much more important and much more valuable to sell.

The most important sale I make to any prospective client is the belief they have in themselves and in their ability to make their dreams a reality.

Most of them believed in it at one time but they have left it behind.

It is still possible.

You can still make it happen. You can build a book of business that delivers big profit and financial freedom.

I know all the reasons why you think it HAS NOT happened.

But I am afraid that you don’t know the MAIN REASON why it has not happened.

The main reason you have not built the future of your dreams is because you no longer believe in yourself. Your confidence is completely gone.

The reason you don’t begin to transform your business portfolio into a multi-million dollar enterprise is because you DON’T believe you can do it.

It is that simple.


You have sold yourself on the mediocrity you now inhabit.

The good news is: You can get your confidence back. But you must WANT to.

People always say they want their lives to be better but then they don’t do anything about it. The truth of the matter is that if you really wanted a better book of business, you would create it.

If you can sell yourself on the idea that the dream is still alive and well then you can make the dream a reality.

Can you make that sale?

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