Your Expertise Is Better Than A Cold Call

The best way to start a relationship is by having someone seek you out as an expert.

Think about it:

Who is in a better position the guy knocking on doors asking to paint your house or the instructor at the home expo demonstrating ten ways to add value to your home with color accenting?

Which personal trainer can command a fee premium: The guy at the gym interrupting your workout asking you if you want a free session or the woman teaching the class on low-impact weight loss training?

Who do you think gets to choose his clients: The lawyer with the weekly column on the business advice website or the attorney who advertises on the roadside billboard?

As a business leader and a sales professional, you are an expert in your industry and on the value, you provide.  Leverage that expertise.

Do not cold call looking to force yourself on someone. Go out and look for opportunities to educate the audience of your ideal clients.

Writing, Speaking and Networking are the keys to demonstrating your expertise and having people invite you in to share your value with them.


  • Articles
  • Booklets
  • Blog posts
  • Checklists
  • How-to guides.


  • At industry events
  • At tradeshows
  • To your clients’ teams
  • At training sessions


  • With your happy clients
  • With evangelists (people who refer business to you)
  • With affiliate partners
  • With people in professions who typically use your services

Reallocate the time you spend cold calling toward developing educational opportunities and you will be amazed how quickly you can triple the number of leads you have.

Sales has changed. Your expertise is better than a cold call.