Strategic Alliance Partnerships: The Fastest Way To Grow Sales | DTSM 98

One effective sales marketing strategy in consultative selling is the strategic alliance partnership. In this show, I provide a few strategic alliance examples and explain how they can help you acquire more prospects.

The first step you need to take in order to partner with another business is to find someone who’s targeting your ideal client. This should be someone

who has a large number of your ideal clients in their database.

Once you have a partnership, you can start developing your sales marketing strategy. These strategic alliance examples can show you some ways that you can do that.

One option is to use joint/endorsed mailing. Direct mailing is a highly effective way of marketing; however, joint/endorsed mailing is even better because you can use the credibility that your partner has with their customers to get your name in front of them.

You can also host a joint event. A joint event is beneficial because as with the mailing, you get to use the credibility of your partner to get yourself known to new prospects. In this case, you can meet new prospects in person.

A third idea is to create a joint product or service with your strategic alliance partner. When you develop something with your partner to offer your customers, you’re able to sell that product or service to the combined audience comprised of both your own network and your partner’s.

The reason this sales marketing strategy works is because your strategic alliance partner has the trust of their audience. Before using these strategic alliance examples, you may have to offer some value first; however, once a bond is developed, you’ll have access to a new audience who will see you as legitimate.