The Best Questions For Consultative Sales | DTSM 96

In this show, I share six powerful questions to ask someone when using a consultative sales approach.

Let me briefly lay out some basic questions and explain their benefits for lead generation.

Question 1: Why am I here? Tell me what’s wrong? 

These questions are asked to figure out why the prospect called you in the first place. They’ll encourage the prospect to share something about their problem. These are good questions to ask someone because without knowing what the problem is, you can never hope to help them.

Question 2: What are you hoping I can do?

This is another great question that I’ve chosen because it shows you what the prospect wants.

Question 3: What resources do you have to apply toward a solution? Who else do we need to talk to?

Now we start to look at what the prospect is able to do. How much control do they have over their decisions?

Question 4: Who else do we need to include in this process?

This question helps us understand if there are other people who will participate in this decision. We don’t want any surprises and this questions is a way to limit that possibility.

Question 5: Why now?

There’s a reason why the prospect has called you now and not previously. This will tell you more about their situation.

Question 6: What’s next?

If you’re going to do business with this person, figure out if they’re willing to take the first steps.

These are good questions to ask someone before doing business because they’ll qualify them right away and help you learn if the prospect is serious about doing business. Use this video as your own consultative sales training session.

Ask these questions and you’ll be sure to get the best possible clients.