Sales Training That Actually Works | DTSM 94

Despite what you may have been led to believe, the best training methods for employees are generally informal. That is, effective sales training methods are those that are interactive and that focus on showing rather than telling.

In essence, the best way to do sales training is to not train at all. These three sales training ideas are all great alternatives to traditional lecturing because they allow the team to gain knowledge and practice in an engaging way.

The first of these sales training methods is best practice sharing. This is when you ask your best people to record their best practices and share them either through a live presentation, a video, or a webinar.

Then there are road videos. Road videos are another one of the best training methods for employees because they’re easy to do and provide direct insight into a real sales call. The sales manager goes out on the road with the team and records things on their phone or camera. Later, those videos can be shared.

Third, there’s the Podcast. With a Podcast, the sales manager can interview people within and outside the team and highlight what they do right so that employees can learn from experts.

There’s one exception to this “non-training”/training policy: Once each month, the sales manager should role-play with each individual sales representative. This will help keep their skills sharp.

There are numerous training methods for employees, but many just plain don’t work — they’re not interesting or they’re not effective. These three sales training methods will engage your team and teach them the skills they need to sell more.