The Fastest Way To Attract Affluent Clients | DTSM 93

In today’s show we explore five ways to attract affluent clients. These are the quickest ways to integrate yourself into the affluent community. If you want to connect with wealthy people and do business with them, this is the who for you.

Here is what we cover: 

1.    Connect with Financial Advisors: All financial advisors are not equal. Here’s who you need to meet.

2.    Connect with Estate Planning Attorneys: Only the best will do. Here’s how to find them.

3.    Connect with Family Office Managers: Interviews and research will lead you to the right people.

4.    Join an Affinity Club with Affluent Members: Country clubs, wine clubs, cigar clubs, boating clubs, etc.

5. Up-level Your Lifestyle: Work and play in a better neighborhood.

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