Leverage: Improve Your Productivity And Sell More | DTSM 92

In this show, I explain how public speaking events can help you gain leverage and improve your productivity.

Now, what is meant by leverage?

When I mention leverage, I’m referring to your ability to work with optimum efficiency. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Let’s say you want to reach clients through one-on-one networking. Well, you have three meal periods each day and 21 per week including weekends. If you dedicated half of them to business growth, you’d have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with someone about 10 or 11 times each week.

From those 11 or so meetings, probably half of them will result in a referral. From 100 of these meetings in a month, you’ll get about 12 clients. That’s the best case scenario. Plus, you’re paying for those meals. This is certainly not what is meant by leverage when trying to get new clients.

Okay, now let’s look at public speaking events:

You book one speaking engagement each month in front of 150 people. Of these people, 10% connect with you and immediately engage you. Another 20-30%

engage you during the course of the next year.

You invest the same amount of time and energy before and after the speaking engagement but you spend no money. That’s leverage.

Here are some other ways to gain leverage:

– publishing

– strategic alliances

– advertising for lead generation

– direct mail

– educational events

Hopefully you now not only understand what is meant by leverage but you’ve also begun to think of ways to get more leverage. Whether it be public speaking events, publishing articles in trade journals, or forming strategic alliances, try one of these methods and boost your productivity.