Sales Managers Lead By Example | DTSM 91

➜ Sales manager skills & qualities to improve your team’s performance

➜ Development areas for managers in sales

➜ How to lead your team, grow your revenue and make more money

As a sales manager, it can be easy to just play the backseat when managing your team.

It’s common for sales managers to fall into that habit, never doing any of the tasks that they delegate themselves.

But the best sales managers do just the opposite.

One of the most important skills for a sales manager to learn is the ability to lead from the front. You have to develop the willingness to show that you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, even as a leader.

It’s not your job to sit back and watch your team’s performance, it’s your job to lead by example.

In this show I talk about the 5 ways you can start leading your team from the front and increasing their sales.