Use YouTube To Build Trust, Attract Clients and Close Sales | DTSM 89

In this show, I explain to you how trust is built as well as how to promote yourself on Youtube once you’ve leveraged that trust. The key to building trust on Youtube comes down volume and consistency.

Who was the most trusted man in America during the 1960s and 1970s? Walter Cronkite. But what was so special about him that made everybody trust him?

Was it his look? His voice?

The real reason that people trusted him was because of volume and consistency. Walter Cronkite was being seen in homes around the country; people knew him because his name was so firmly attached to the news.

People also knew when they could tune in to hear him every day.

When learning how to promote yourself on Youtube, it’s essential that you try to recreate the same level of volume and consistency. This is the secret to how trust is built. Just do these things:

– Post your videos as often as possible – weekly is good but daily is better.

– When you post your videos, make sure to always do it at the same time.

– Have a predictable format.

– Offer your opinion.

– Speak like you’re talking to a friend.

– Display some vulnerability (self-deprecating humor is great for this).

– Show some behind-the-scenes footage.

This is how to promote yourself on Youtube: volume and consistency.

It’s also how trust is built.

People must know you, like you, and trust you in order to feel comfortable buying from you. If you can structure every Youtube show to make that happen, your sales will grow.