How To Establish Credibility In Your Industry With LinkedIn. | DTSM 86

➜ How to establish trust and credibility in your industry

➜ Using LinkedIn effectively to position yourself as an industry expert

➜ What you should NOT do on LinkedIn

No matter what businesses you’re in, credibility is vital.

See, without establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, you’re not going to get very far.

People prefer to buy from the experts in any given industry. This is because being an expert is one of the quickest ways to build rapport and trust with your audience.

If you’re not viewed as an expert in your industry, it’s likely that people will flock to the competition instead.

So how are you supposed to build the authority that allows you to be seen as an expert then?

Luckily, social media platforms make now an easier time than ever to position yourself as an authority figure.

In this show I cover exactly how you can use LinkedIn effectively to establish credibility in your industry.