How To Recognize Buying Signals | DTSM 85

In this show we cover 5 ways to recognize buying signals.

Buying Signals in Sales Training tip 1: Prospect comes into your office for a consultation. Buying signals over the phone are similar. The prospect calls your office for a consultation.

Buying Signals in Sales Training tip 2: The prospect comes to an event you host. This is not because you can read buying signals body language. The simple fact that people are taking time out of their day, traveling to, and participating in an event you are hosting is a buying signal.

Buying Signals Sales Training tip 3: The person presents a problem you can solve. When prospect begins to tell you his story it includes something you can help them with, that’s a buying signal.

Buying Signal 4: The customer willing participates in the buying process. If you outline the customer buying process and the client opts into it, they want to buy. For example: You put out a video with a case study that walks the viewer through the buying process. The clients that come to see you, watch that video in advance and then follow that process themselves.

Buying Signal 5: The prospect asks about price or financing or the start-up process.

These five buying signals are often not obvious to people who have not been focused on them. The hope is that this video will help you recognize buying signals in the future.

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