How To Break Out Of A Sales Slump | DTSM 84

What do you do when sales are down? In this show, I give you five ideas for how to get out of a sales slump. I talk about the importance a positive attitude and the benefits of self confidence to get you back in business.

Keep in mind that it hasn’t been long since you were making deals left and right. Remember the winning attitude that enabled your success and tap into the benefits of self confidence that will help you succeed again.

Here’s how to get out of a sales slump:

1. Focus on what we teach kids in baseball. Don’t worry about winning the game; just win the at-bat. In sales, take things step by step: nail the call to get the appointment, to make the proposal, to eventually win the business.

2. Read testimonials. Take pride in positive things people have said about doing business with you. Recognize the benefits of self confidence and self esteem for getting your sales groove back.

3. Call your current and former clients. Look for upselling or repeat sales opportunities and find ways to deliver additional value to those who appreciate you.

4. Get in front of an audience. Volunteer to speak at the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, or even Career Day at school. Dress up, share your passion, demonstrate value, and soak in the applause.

5. Do a mass mailing. Send 100 snail-mail letters to ideal potential clients, describing something new and exciting about your business. One week later, start following up, and prepare for your next sales boom.

Confident about how to get out of a sales slump? Ready to reclaim your spot at the top of the sales leaderboard? Start today!