How To Handle Rejection In Sales | DTSM 83

As salespeople – and as human beings – we inevitably face rejection from time to time. In this show, I explain how to handle rejection in sales. I talk about the importance of believing in yourself to get past the negative aspect of selling we all dread – the moment someone says “no.”

We all want to be liked, so when potential clients tell us they’re not interested, it hurts. Although you can’t diminish the sting of being turned down, you have to recover. You need to find the next “yes.”

Here’s how to handle rejection in sales, build up your rejection armor, and get back in the game:

1. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down three things you’re grateful for every day. Focus on areas of your life that are going right. Review your journal morning and night.

2. Before calling a new prospect, read a testimonial from a client you’ve helped. If the call doesn’t go well, read two or three more testimonials from satisfied clients.

3. Contact a client with whom you have an especially good relationship. Enjoy a positive conversation and boost to your self-confidence.

4. Teach someone something. Teaching is giving, and when you give, you feel good about yourself. Realize the importance of believing in yourself as a valuable person who matters to others.

5. Think about your unshakable beliefs and values. Remember that you’re a good person who’s doing good things.

Learning how to handle rejection in sales is all about realizing the importance of believing in yourself. Overcome your fear of being rejected by recognizing all that you offer. And when you do get turned down, concentrate on the next deal – it’s right around the corner.