How A Great Sales Manager Can Increase Revenue | DTSM 79

In this show I share 6 ways you can drastically increase sales for your team as a sales manager.

➜ How you can make more money for your team as a sales department manager

➜ 6 key tips for managing a sales team

➜ The one thing you must STOP doing Immediately to boost sales team productivity

As a sales manager, you have a lot of responsibility for your team.

Your reps may be the ones out in trenches, but you’re the one who makes sure operations are running smoothly so they can do their work well.

You’ve got to be willing to do things and get in the thick of it to make sure your team not only meets their goals, but exceeds them.

I see sales managers all the time who fail to take key steps that lessen the loads on their teams, and this only ends up in reduced sales.

Reducing meetings, makings collection calls, and fighting for every penny your reps make are just some of the many things you can do to help your department sell more.