Five Ways To Connect With Affluent Clients | Do This Sell More Show 78

When building contact with affluent clients, there are a few strategies that you can use to be successful. In this show, I share five business networking ideas that will help you grow your network of wealthy clients.

The first strategy is to focus on delivering sophisticated, high-level programs that affluent people will find valuable. Package your programs so that they come off as high-end. Offer end-to end luxury turnkey service.

Affluent people are busy. They don’t want to waste their time waiting around for documents to be finalized. There are a plethora of options for offering more convenience to them.

Another method of building contact is to join the clubs where affluent people socialize. Join clubs that require people to have a lot of money to join. This way, you can talk about things related to the club and once the other members find out about you, they’ll want to do business because they’ll trust you.

The third of the business networking ideas is to speak, publish, and network with the trusted advisors to high-end clients. Educate the people who do the evangelizing. Give seminars to these people so that they will then pass on your name to the people they work for.

Fourth, host events that will attract the affluent. Private performances, wine tastings, scotch tastings, cooking classes – these are all great offerings that your prospects will enjoy.

Finally, get referrals from existing affluent clients. If you currently have an affluent client, sit down with them to a dinner and ask them who else they know that could use your services; then ask them to introduce you.

Use these business networking ideas to attract affluent clients so that you can make more money. Building contact is about building trust; with these five strategies, you can become a trusted part of the affluent community.