Five Habits Of Highly Successful Salespeople | Do This Sell More Show 73

What are good habits for sales and why are they so important? This show is all about how to become a good salesperson and in it I cover the five most important sales habits for success.

The first habit is to do the same things at the same times every day. By following a formula that you know works, you’ll be able to protect yourself against sales slumps. Although you may run into days when sales are slower, you’ll find that overall you’re way more consistent.

The second habit is to go big or go home. After all, what are good habits if they don’t lead to more income? By thinking big, you’ll gain confidence and will be ready to accept offers from big companies.

If you really want to learn how to become a good salesperson, you also have to ignore critics. When someone gives advice that’s unsolicited, it’s probably serving their interests rather than yours. When you do want advice, make sure it’s from people who have done what you’re trying to do.

Fourth, seek constructive feedback. You need to connect with people who are more successful than you so that you can have something to aspire to and learn from.

And the fifth habit is to put relationships first. Relationships are more important than any deal. You can always make other deals but relationships take time to build. Likewise, make sure you value client relationships and do what you can (within reason) to accommodate them.

If you’ve wondered to yourself, “what are good habits in sales?” you now have a few essential strategies that will help you be more successful. Learning how to become a good salesperson takes time and effort, but with these tips you’ll be well on your way.