Sell Me This Pen | Do This Sell More Show 68

Sell Me This Pen

Although I think the “sell me this pen” question is a stupid one, since it comes up in the sales hiring process, I’ve decided to make this show describing good interview answers to this question. The way you answer this question comes down to using a consultative selling approach.

In order to effectively tackle this question, here are a few things you should ask the interviewer:

– Why do you want the pen?

– Why is this the right time to buy the pen?

– How much is the lack of a pen costing you?

– Who else do we need to involve?

– Here’s the ROI of this pen. Give it a try.

These are good interview answers to the “sell me this pen” question because they allow you to get the information you need in order to determine if you can help the client.

For example, when you ask “why is now the right time to buy the pen?” you can gauge their level of urgency; by asking them who else needs to be involved in the transaction, you determine whether or not they’re the sole decision-maker, and if not, who else you may need to contact.

With these questions, you’re essentially qualifying the client. What is their sense of urgency? What is their budget? What is the ROI that they need?

When you address each of these points, the client will be able to make a decision knowing that the pen will fulfill their needs.

The next time the “sell me this pen” question arises, go ahead and use these tips. After all, they’re good interview answers that could help you get hired. At the very least, this will let the employer know that you can sell products or services using a consultative selling approach.

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