Sell More By Building A Friction Free Business | Do This Sell more Show 61

The key to knowing how to make your business better comes down to removing the things that cause friction. In this video, I talk about several business improvement ideas that can make your business or law firm work more efficiently.

The first idea is to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. At a certain point, it will take a lot of time and effort to make any improvements on your weaknesses. However, by leveraging your strengths, you’ll be far more productive. For example, if you’re good at speaking, try to book as many public speaking events as you can. Part of learning how to make your business better is to use your talents to your advantage.

Another one of my business improvement ideas is to simplify payment. I like to get paid upfront. Many large companies have a net 90-day policy. However, by insisting on getting paid upfront, you can eventually become known for your upfront policy. Just because other people accept later payment doesn’t mean you have to.

The third idea is to communicate effectively. Too much is better than too little. Keep your clients in the loop. If you do happen to have a client who asks for frequent updates, be sure to tell them something even if you have no new information. You can send out a weekly email to let them know that there’s nothing new to report.

Learning how to make your business better will ultimately make you more efficient. By using some of the business improvement ideas from this video, you can eliminate all those things that cause friction.

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