The Difference Between Sales And Marketing | Do This Sell More Show 55

What’s the difference between marketing and selling? Why do businesspeople need to do both? In this show, I talk about the purpose of your sales and marketing process – it generates awareness and converts prospects into clients.

Content creation is an example of marketing. You offer people a free taste of what you do. You provide some helpful information, and people respond by expressing their interest. This is where selling comes in. You qualify your prospects and guide them through your sales process to win them as clients.

The difference between marketing and selling is that marketing is all about greasing the wheels, while selling is all about getting the car across the finish line. Your sales and marketing process can be viewed as your client’s complete journey to doing business with you.

This is what marketing does:
– Attracts traffic and creates buzz.
– Positions you as an expert.
– Differentiates you from your competitors.
– Creates word-of-mouth evangelists.
– Simplifies conversion.

Here’s what selling does:
– Converts prospects into clients.
– Secures referrals.
– Presents new ideas to win recurring business.
– Grows revenue and deepens business relationships.

Together, sales and marketing give you:
– Leverage for reaching a wide audience.
– The ability to help different niches.
– High return on your time investment.
– Confidence in your own expertise.
– Optimal positioning.

In my video, I offer specific case studies to illustrate the difference between marketing and selling. I talk about what the sales and marketing process might look like for a yoga instructor or for a trusts-and-estates attorney.

Both professionals use a combination of sales and marketing. They educate their audience with articles and speeches, nurture prospects, and offer value – all steps leading to closing deals.