How to Retain Top Salespeople | Sales Compensation Series 4 | Do This Sell More Show 53

Retain Top Salespeople with these five strategies.

As a sales leader, it’s important to know the best methods for retaining staff. Learning how to keep employees engaged and motivated will ensure that your sales team remains strong and profitable over the long term.

To keep things simple, I have five things that you SHOULD do to keep your sales staff, and five things you SHOULDN’T do.

Here are a few things you SHOULD do:

First, recognize the success of your salespeople. Show your top performers how important they are on a regular basis.

You should also give your sales people a great manager. Think of the manager as the glue that holds everything together. They can help salespeople develop and reach their potential.

A third method I’ve learned for how to keep employees engaged and motivated is to make the work environment fun. Offer opportunities to win contests, organize group outings, and hold team bonding activities. This helps with retaining staff because it makes everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

Now, here are a few things you SHOULDN’T do:

First, do not waste time with too many meetings. It’s important that everyone stays on the same page and communicates regularly but if you have boring or unproductive meetings, your sales staff will be likely to go elsewhere.

You also don’t want to treat everyone the same. This may seem counterintuitive but everyone needs different things. Your top performers need to be recognized and given more freedom than rookies who haven’t yet proven their abilities.

Learning how to keep employees engaged and motivated is a HUGE part of being a sales leader. However, by following these strategies, you’ll have a good chance of retaining staff and building a loyal sales team that you can depend on.

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