Close More Sales Deals With These Six Questions | Do This Sell More Show 49

If you want to close more sales deals, this is the show for you. These six questions will have prospects telling you their deepest secrets and you can help them solve problems.  Watch here but be sure to listen for bonus content on the podcast:

Is asking questions really the key to closing more deals? You bet it is! In this video, I tell you exactly what to say in a sales meeting to develop a relationship and turn your prospects into clients.

When you meet with potential clients, ask questions that encourage them to open up about their business goals and problems. Here are six key questions you should ask potential clients if you want to start closing more deals:

1. “What are you hoping I can do for you?” If you’ve ever wondered what to say in a sales meeting to kick things off correctly, this is it. Let potential clients know you’re there to help.

2. “If you could change one thing about your current situation, what would it be?” The answer tells you what problem your prospects are trying to solve or what goal they hope to achieve.

3. “How much is this situation costing you?” This information helps you establish the return on investment you can promise.

4. “Why is now the right time to make a change?” You can’t be the one to create a sense of urgency – let your prospects realize why it’s important to act now.

5. “Who else do we need to involve in this process?” You need to know who the decision makers are, so you can make sure everyone’s on board.

6. “What’s next – how would you like to proceed?” Before leaving a meeting, find out what the next steps are, so you can follow up accordingly.

Now that you know what to say in a sales meeting, focus on your prospective client’s answers and on the relationship you’ve created. When you’re successfully building real relationships, you’re on the right track to closing more deals.

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