Secrets Of Selling To The C-Suite | Do This Sell More Show 48

The best place to start in any sales process, in any industry with any client is at the top.  Today’s show will help you set your strategy for selling to the boss.  Be sure to listen to the entire podcast (player and download link at the bottom) because I’ve included some bonus content that is not on the video.

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Whether you’re trying to sell your services to a corner shop or a Fortune 500 business, you should always aim to start at one place, the top.

In this video I give 5 of my secrets for selling to the c suite of any business and I explain why you should always go straight to the executives to sell in the first place.

When making sales, going after people in lower positions will often lead to unnecessarily long and drawn-out sales processes. This is because when you’re trying to sell, the decision has to make its way up to the top anyways.

Instead of going through this lengthy process, cut out the middle man and just go straight for the top yourself. When you sell directly to the executives of a company, you’re saving yourself valuable time and energy. This is because when you sell to the c-suite, you’re speaking directly to the people who make all the decisions.

Don’t waste time trying to sell to the people who aren’t making the decisions. Save yourself the effort and learn how to deal directly with the people at the top.

Now here’s the bonus content:

B2B Mistakes to Avoid

This bonus section will help you blow the deal once you get to the meeting with the CEO. Be sure and listen because it is exclusive to this show only.

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