How To Promote Yourself Without Bragging | Do This Sell More Show 45

If you don’t tell people how good you are, nobody will ever know. Alan Weiss always says: “If you don’t blow your own horn, there is no music.”  The thought of this makes most people uncomfortable. There are ways to advertise your services and promote yourself without looking foolish. I outline them in this episode of the Do This Sell More Show.

Advertising yourself and promoting the services you offer is an essential part of any business. In order to grow your business at a steady rate, you’ve got to get out there and promote what you do, but many times self-promotion can come off more like bragging instead.

No one wants to sit and hear you brag about your business, and if you come off as bragging while trying to promote your business it will likely chase away many of your would-be clients. In this video I explain how you can promote the services you offer without bragging.

The line between promoting your business and bragging about it can be thin at times. But if done correctly, self-promotion can easily become one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

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