How To Start Networking BETTER | Do This Sell More Show 40

Not everyone fully appreciates the importance of networking in business. However, learning how to start networking effectively can be one of the best ways to build your client base and grow your business. In this show, I cover the types of groups you can target when networking and how to actually go about doing it.

First of all, let’s address one-on-one networking. This is when, for example, you go out to lunch with someone and at the end of the meal you exchange business cards. This is not an effective networking strategy because it takes time and often nothing ever comes of the meeting.

Group networking is far more effective because it allows you to become known to large groups of people. The importance of networking in business is that it allows you to build contact with people who can lead to more business. If you can learn how to start networking within various organizations you can market yourself to hundreds of people at once.

One type of group that can be beneficial for networking is the industry group. For example, if you sell medical devices, you can join an industry group that has a lot of doctors. This is the type of group that your ideal client would be a part of, and thus you could find other clients by becoming a member.

Now, to make the best use of these groups it’s important to be referable. Show up to the meetings, be polite, and don’t gossip. The importance of networking in business is that it makes you known to people. Make sure that people know you as a reliable person.

Once you know how to start networking effectively, you’ll have access to a large pool of potential clients, which will expand your business opportunities.

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