YouTube and LinkedIn As Lead Generation Tools | Do This Sell More Show 39

In this show, I cover how to prospect on LinkedIn and go over some of the uses of Youtube that you may not have been taking advantage of up to now. Using these resources can help you immensely as long as you know how to manage them in the right way.

One mistake that’s important to avoid on LinkedIn is accepting just anyone who wants to connect with you. You should be connecting with clients or with people who can provide you with referrals.

Likewise, other people should be able to go through your network and request to connect with your people. This means you should know who’s in your network and you should be able to trust them. It’s a good idea to have at least introduced yourself to the people in your network.

Aside from knowing how to prospect on LinkedIn, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with some of the uses of Youtube. I recommend doing an interview show each week in which you talk to potential clients about their businesses. You can then share the video with your LinkedIn network. This is a mutually beneficial proposition because both you and the interviewee will be gaining visibility.

Another way you can use Youtube to your advantage is to take the video that you upload and just use the audio to create a podcast. There’s nothing wrong with having both a video and audio format of the same content.

If you know how to prospect on LinkedIn, it can be an extremely useful resource. By learning how to do it in an effective way, along with learning the different uses of Youtube, you can expand the number of potential clients that you have while delivering valuable content.