Publishing For Profitable Relationships | Do This Sell More Show 38

There are many effective lead generation examples that are available to you if you don’t want to cold call. In this show I specifically cover the publishing process and how you can use written content to find clients.

First of all, let me mention some reasons why written content can be so beneficial. For one thing, it establishes credibility. When people read what you’ve written, they know that you know what you’re talking about.

Written content can also offer lots of visibility because when you publish in an industry journal or newsletter, people in that industry will discover you. This is a huge benefit because these people may not have otherwise found you.

For these reasons just listed, written content is one of the best lead generation examples that I can think of.

Now, how do you actually get published?

As for the publishing process, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure that you eventually get your article accepted by an editor. It all comes down to convincing the magazine that your article will help them.

I always write an outline describing what the magazine can expect from the article, why it’s unique, and who my readers are.

I also describe my marketing plan. I explain that I’ll promote it at speaking engagements, on social media, and however else I may choose to market it. Once I’ve written the outline, I send it out to editors, making sure to follow-up with a phone call and a physical copy of the outline.

Once you get to know the publishing process, following these steps will make getting yourself into publications simple and straightforward. There are many lead generation examples but perhaps none establish credibility and put you in front of such a large audience as written content does.

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