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Small business sales strategy can be a sophisticated as sales strategy in a FORTUNE 500 company. That doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. This show is about breaking down your small business sales strategy into manageable steps you can execute to grow rapidly.

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Small business sales growth is not a mystery. With a focused process you can increase your small business sales quickly.

If you searched for “How to Grow your small business” This video is ideal for you.

I use this episode of The Dave Lorenzo daily to answer a viewer’s question about growing a small business but these aren’t sales tips for just one entrepreneur. This is a video that’s important fo if you’re in sales management for small business or a big business.

During this session I show you:

How to grow your small business sales with marketing. You begin by identifying the key problems your best clients are facing and then offering solutions. Next you demonstrate how you are different from the people currently trying to solve that problem.

What you can do to increase your sales right now. There are five things you can do today to increase your sales right now.

1). Call everyone in your network and ask them how you can help them. Mention your business during that call.
2). Start a weekly educational newsletter
3). Offer to speak to every group or gathering of over 15 business owners in your area
4). Start a strategic alliance partnership with other business owners in your area
5). Run a contest to attract people to your business to ample your product or service

These are just a few of the ways my average client is driving small business sales growth. Be sure to sign-up for push notifications on this website so you receive an update each time we share another small business sales strategy.

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