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Ask for the sale! That’s a cry heard from every sales manager in every office in every industry. But just how do you do it without seeming like you’re a pushy person out solely for your own interests?  In this show I provide you with the script to do exactly that.

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How To Ask for The Sale

This video provides you with the best script for closing sales over the phone or in person.

There are many sales techniques out there and you can find hundreds of videos on how to close a sale but this one is the easiest method for closing sales over the phone or in person.

Before we get into closing techniques and how to ask for the sale we begin with the qualifying process. It doesn’t make sense to try some of the best sales strategies on people who can only say “NO.”

After the qualifying process, I demonstrate how you offer options to the prospect. This is one of the best strategies to increase sales because people love to buy (but they hate to be manipulated). Offering options will increase your dollars per transaction.

The final point to remember when you are closing sales is simply to ask if the person wants help. that is the essence of closing the sale. That’s what closing a sale really is: Offering to help someone in return for financial compensation.

This process seems simple because it is. Many people who offer closing techniques make them overly complicated. Be yourself. Take a genuine interest in helping your client and you’ll succeed at relationship based sales.

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