Consultative Selling Approach: An Introduction | Do This Sell More Show 33

What is consultative selling? It is asking a series of questions to diagnose the real problem a client is facing and then crafting a solution.

In this show I share five questions you can start using today to help you understand and solve client problems. This consultative selling approach is the best way to diagnose pain points and prescribe solutions in order to make sales.

Remember, sales people get paid to solve client problems and as such your job is to find out exactly what the problems are and offer solutions for a price.

By adopting a consultative selling approach and acting like a consultant, not a salesman, you can get to the heart of the problem and determine whether or not it is a real opportunity for you to make a sale.

In most sales situations it is the client that is in control. However, by asking these five diagnostic and prescriptive questions, it swings the balance of control in favor of the sales person so you can solve the pain point and get paid!