Get A Fast Start In Sales With Strategic Alliance Partnerships | Do This Sell More 32

If you want a fast start in sales with strategic alliance partnerships, this is the show for you. In this episode I explain strategic alliance partnerships and why they should be a big part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Before you begin to develop partnerships in business, it’s important to know what exactly it entails. A strategic alliance partnership is when you and someone else who you’re in a relationship with target the same market together in order to maximize benefits. You’re going to combine your expertise, combine contacts, and share everything equally.

When you share your expertise, you’ll be sharing with both your partner and their audience. This is a huge benefit because it allows you to target twice as many people.

Sharing could happen in the form of a joint event, a joint article, or it could be the creation of a joint educational program.

One of the main reasons to develop partnerships is that you get a new audience that you normally might not have connected with.

Credibility is another great benefit. By letting your partner introduce you to their audience, they’ll be passing their credibility on to you and thus you’ll gain easy access to a whole new set of people.

Now, who should you partner with?

Vendors who are selling to your ideal client are a great choice. Banks are another good option. You can also look at people who are sponsoring events associated with your ideal client. Look for who’s in charge of growing that company and approach them with your offer.

When you make your pitch, make sure you lay everything out in detail. What are the benefits? What are the shared risks? What is the value of the new market?

Show them how easy it’ll be to work with you and focus on the value that they’ll receive. By offering value first, the clients you approach will be much more likely to want to develop partnerships with you.