High Paying Clients: Why You Want Them And How To Get Them | Do This Sell More Show 31

High paying clients are the solution to many problems for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. If you’re looking to give your business a boost, this is the show for you.

Two of the challenges I receive most often are: How to attract high paying clients & How to get more clients and master high ticket sales.

You spend a great deal of time thinking about and working on lead generation, but you’re focused on the wrong clients. As a sales leader, you only want to invest your time with the most valuable leads. Those are high ticket leads. That means people who have the most money to invest in your services.

In this video I show you how to find high ticket clients and how to build a high ticket funnel to accelerate your business success.

The work you do for high paying clients is the exact same work you will do for everyone else, but you will make more money for doing the same work.

Here is your step-by-step guide: How to get high paying clients:

Step one: Evaluate the experience clients have when they work with you. The key to high ticket selling is differentiating your business from every other business based upon the experience the customer has in working with you. You need to be easy to work with, you need to be reliable and you need to anticipate the needs of your client so he isn’t ever caught by surprise. This is essential in your quest to discover how to attract high end clients.

Step two: Change your behavior so you surround yourself with the people who are in your target demographic.

Step three: Produce educational material for the people in your target audience that helps them make better decisions. This will also position you as an expert. Your expertise is what will get the high end clients to ask for your help.

You look to me and you watch the videos here on the Dave Lorenzo Daily because you want to discover how to get more clients for your business. My philosophy is, if you’re going to attract clients you might as well attract high paying clients.

Here is the podcast: