Brand Culture Has An Impact On Sales | Do This Sell More Show 30

Brand culture has a big impact on sales and your ability to close deals.

A brand culture is built on a promise, the delivery of that promise, and the feeling that people are left with when they use your product or service.

A good example of a company embodying their brand promise is Spirit airlines. Spirit airlines promises you more “go.” They get you safely from point A to point B at the lowest prices, thereby leaving you with more money to travel.

When Spirit airlines fulfills their promise, the customer is left with the feeling, “Wow, I can afford to go wherever I want because I’m flying Spirit!”

It’s essential to create this kind of feeling in customers so that they feel passionate about being associated with your brand.

It’s also important to care about your brand culture. If you don’t define it yourself, your customers will define it for you. In order to define your culture, you have to do more than just make an empty promise. Your culture needs to be evident to the customer at every point of interaction. This means that training for your sales team is crucial. Your sales team should be good brand advocates. They should live out the elements of the brand promise everyday.

By consistently living up to your brand promise, customers will be able to trust your brand and they’ll feel proud to use your products or services. If your customer can’t invest their pride in your brand, then you’re probably failing in some way.

Create a promise that people will be attracted to and then build a brand culture that reflects that promise everyday. This is the key to building trust and thus, a better business.

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